School & Colleges

Educational premises pose numerous unique challenges when it comes to security. College premises feature a variety of structures, each with its own security requirements. Lot security cameras can serve as a visual interference to crime similar to dusk teasing, bullying, ragging, vandalization of property, etc. and serve as an inestimable tool, allowing scholars to wander under the safe watch of lot security cameras.


  • Protection of students and staff
  • Monitoring of unknown vehicle entry
  • Protection from unauthorized intruders
  • Private areas monitoring
  • Safety and security while travelling in school buses
  • Protection from criminal acts, drugs etc.
  • Misbehaviour of staff or student
  • Prevention from Bullying/Eve teasing etc
Streamline the process


Dynamic workflow

Overall Protection

  • Ensures on-campus safety with three layers of protection covering school gates, campus roads and building entrances
  • Ensures students’ safety to and from school with our safe bus solution
Workload balancer

AI-empowered Video Surveillance

  • A milestone for the construction of digital campus free of student ID cards with improved automation level.
  • Enhances the efficiency of campus management to the utmost level.

Centralized Management

  • One system for all scenarios, making management easier.
  • One-stop solution including alarm, search, positioning, and analysis modules.

Upstream and downstream integration

Easy Integration

  • Easily integrates with external information system or other third-party systems.
  • Contributes to a more unified educational ecosystem.
Notification for pending invoices

Multi-Scenario Attendance Check

  • Takes full consideration of attendance management under various scenarios.
  • Satisfies the management needs from kindergartens to higher institutes.


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