Bulwark’s retail result caters to businesses ranging from a convenience store to a commodious shopping boardwalk. Although each business in the retail sector features distinct forms and characteristics, they all partake the need for better property security and smarter operation and operations. Grounded on a deep understanding of what each and every type of business might need, bulwark’s offers bespoke results that specifically answer the most concerning questions.


  • No correct recognition of the client and employees
  • Monitor employees behaviour against customers
  • Preventing theft has been one among the first issues
  • Most liable to break-ins when retail hours
  • Optimizing the workplace potency.
  • Purchase Invoice chase
  • Right preparation of employees, once the shop is busiest
  • Effective promotional offers.
  • Keeping a watch on your housework employees to confirm that they keep the shop neat and clean
Streamline the process


  • High resolution cameras for 24×7 observation
  • People tally cameras at entrance points for step count and to grasp the trend of business
  • Fisheye cameras for floor areas to hide 360° read with one camera
  • Heatmap analytics to observe the gang at totally different store for business analysis
  • Announcement for the promotions via audio I/O privately
  • High independent agency camera at money counter to observe all transactions closely