Imagine a busy morning within the city: folks hurry out of their flats, stop at the restaurant within the food court, hustle to the depot and attain their offices simply in time for work. Apartments, business complexes, and workplace buildings all serve distinctive functions in standard of living, nonetheless share similar security needs. Depending on real-world desires and limitations, distinctive mixtures of every system and their functionalities will be made-to-order. Our offerings vary from the foremost general security has to advanced intelligent functions that improve management potency and user expertise.


  • Unauthorized intrusion of vehicles/people
  • Major target of theft/robbery
  • Vandalism of property or vehicles
  • Installation of CCT V camera within the lifts
  • Parking management problems
  • Multiple platforms tough to manage

Key Benefits

  • High Definition Surveillance
  • Intelligent Application
  • Centralized Management
  • Maintenance Management
Streamline the process


  • High resolution cameras at Entry purpose to recognise entry of unauthorized vehicle s or person
  • ANPR resolution and Face recognition cameras at entry purpose to produce analytical results for fast retrieval of data
  • Bullet camera with intrusion detection analytics for perimeters additional supported by PTZcameras/li>
  • ANPR cameras at Parking entry purpose
  • WDR camera with high resolution cameras at Lobby space for correct face recognition
  • Wide coverage cameras for carry areas
  • Multi-Apartment VDP scientific discipline resolution for traveler verification and authentication
  • Monitoring of CCTVcamera within the VDP indoor unit
  • Control Room watching software package for CCTV camera, VDP out of doors unit cameras, message broadcasting, SOS support, audio call, etc.
Reduce TCO and faster ROI