Security has perpetually been a important element within the industry. money establishments need top-ranking solutions associate degreed an agile response to events. however security devices themselves square measure best after they go overlooked, associate degree attribute that helps maintain a secure and comfy dealings surroundings. on the far side security, bank operations still become a lot of subtle, therefore you will even be fascinated by tools that maximize potency, simplicity, and organization. With AI-enabled product, Bulwarks with pride offers an entire resolution that not solely improves security in daily operations, however conjointly frequently builds trust with customers. Take advantage of the foremost advanced technologies and keep your bank secure, efficient, and relevant during this changing digital age.


  • High resolution video for post analysis
  • Ensure safety of customers and employees
  • Health monitoring at control room for system ability
  • Track transactions for bank and customer satisfaction
  • Reliability of system
  • Increase business efficiency and enhance customer service

Key Benefits

  • High Definition Surveillance
  • Intelligent Application
  • Centralized Management
  • Maintenance Management
Streamline the process


High resolution cameras and DVR will record details of the suspicious persons

Low light CCTV cameras will capture images in such areas

The proposed system will leverage existing analog camera base