i-healthrecords.com is a cloud based solution that collects, digitises, optimises any type of medical records (Prescriptions, Xrays, ECG, CT Scans etc.) and stores them in a secure and easy-to-access way.

Interactive Personal Health Record

Healthcare consumers are changing how they engage with their medical providers. Patients today are much more aware of their conditions, and of the importance of “partnering” with their providers to manage their health. For those who also want to access and monitor their own health records online, or the records of a family member, a well designed, highly functional and easy to understand PHR is a critical asset.


Even for technically savvy patients, having to learn how to operate multiple PHRs can be a deal-breaker. InteliChart provides patients with a single PHR interface that displays the data drawn from each of their healthcare providers’ EHRs.

Parent/Caregiver Access

The ability to conveniently access and monitor a family member’s health records is critically important when managing the healthcare of loved ones. Through a single user account, InteliChart enables families to easily and efficiently interact with each other’s health records and communicate with their care providers.

CCD on Demand

To enhance and empower your patients’ ability to engage in their own healthcare, and to help you comply with Meaningful Use Stage 2 objectives, the InteliChart Patient Portal enables your patients to download and print their own Continuity of Care Documents (CCD) at any time without the need for a prior request or approval.

Synched to EHR Records

InteliChart stays in constant sync with all connected EHRs and PHRs. When a physician updates a patient’s EHR, that patient’s PHR automatically receives the update as well. Conversely, when a patient updates his or her PHR online, the physician receives an alert that new data was entered, which the physician then reviews and uploads to the patient’s EHR.