Procure Avenue

Bulwark System E-Tendering Suite is an online solution to conduct all stages of a procurement process. Bulwark System E-Tendering Suite converts tedious procurement process into an economical, transparent and more secure system. Today, many Government organizations and public sector units have adopted Bulwark System E-Tendering Suite. Understanding the valuable benefits and advantages of this e-Procurement system

The foundation of Bulwarks’ promise of a powerful source-to-pay
procurement software suite is built on

Comprehensiveness of Offerings

Many pseudo suites or uneven set of products present in the market are inefficient. Bulwarks solutions are comprehensive and developed to provide a consistent superior functionality and user-experience across their different modules. This commitment of ours implies that we do not just offer ‘each of these modules’ but also offer them ‘in their most advanced form’.

Strong Suite-Wide Analytics

Idle data adds no value. Only when it is churned into useful information, can well informed decisions be taken. Our solutions are backed by strong analytical capabilities with a vision to not only help you in analyzing the past and the present but also to equip you with actionable insights for the unseen future.

Technology Integration

Built ground-up on the same DNA, each of our modules know how to talk to each other and also how to talk to other technological systems, ERPs and databases implemented at your end. This helps to get you a single version of truth that’s not just consistent but also accessible, no matter which module you are in, at a given point of time.

Ease-of-Use and User Adoption

We understand that your goals of making a difference to your organization will need every team member and stakeholder walking in that same direction. We keep that in mind when we design our solution interface. To offer the same experience that users are familiar to in the world of Ms Office and eCommerce, Bulwarks solutions are incorporated with intuitive and simple-to-use interface that you desire.

Responsiveness and Customer Centricity

An alert ear and a ready helping hand are the two most important things we ensure all our customers have the privilege of. We are responsive so that we can help our customers get the most out of their investment in Bulwarks’ solutions and can listen to the needs of the market. We have instituted and designed some specific customer engagement programs in this regard, like ROI workshops to serve and understand our customers, better.

Sustained Long Term Partnership

With huge investments in research & development (R&D) and a healthy internal cash flow, Bulwarks is here to stay for long. Every Bulwarks customer is assured of a long-term trusted partnership that comes with us being a self-funded organization committed to organic and self-reliant growth.

Bulwarks Source-to-Pay Procurement Software suite

Our procurement software suite comprises of modules for both the upstream and the downstream parts of the Source-to-Pay cycle:


Upstream Solutions

Bulwarks’ upstream procurement software solutions are the site of your strategy making, ideation, opportunity identification and all of that. It helps you extend the potential of the procurement's role in business.

Spend Analysis

Bulwarks' Spend Analysis solution offers the most comprehensive, detailed, accurate and consistent spend visibility into your organization-wide spend.


Bulwarks' e-Sourcing solution automates and dramatically accelerates sourcing processes; ensure fact-driven decision making and consistent sourcing event outcomes.

Contract Management

Bulwarks' Contract Management Solution simplifies complex contracting processes involved while dealing with hundreds and thousands of suppliers, provides visibility into the contracts and ensures strong compliance management.

Supplier Management

Bulwarks' Supplier Management solution provides a comprehensive platform for automating all aspects of supplier performance and information management for a collaborative and innovative relationship with suppliers.

Financial Savings Management

Bulwarks' Financial Savings Management Solution is all about translating procurement activities and performance metrics to business objectives, by streamlining the process of tracking procurement savings, facilitating collaboration between procurement and finance  and acknowledging procurement's impact on the bottom line of business.

Downstream Solutions

Bulwarks’ downstream procurement software solutions are the site of day to day action, the drops adding to your value bucket on a continuous basis.

Requisition Processing

Backed by Guided Procurement System (GPS), the Procure-to-Pay innovation helps the users select the right category and web-form, suggest the right suppliers and route the requisition to the right buyer. The requisition can then be approved using any e-mail enabled smart-phone, without logging-in.

Catalog Management

Its helps users manage end-to-end catalog life-cycle including approvals & catalog update with versioning & change summary. Powered by artificial intelligence, it auto-classifies catalog items, including punch-out items.

Purchase Order Management

It enables rules-based touch-less PO generation to automatically flip requisitions-to-PO and ensures 100% spend is classified as per the taxonomy to allow real-time spend analysis.

Invoice Management

It offers touchless and paperless automated payment transactions for PO and non-PO invoices as well as e-Invoices submitted by suppliers through the portal.