Cloud for Manufacturers, Explained!!!!

Cloud for Manufacturers, Explained!!!!

23 January 2020 2 min read

Under immense pressure to optimize their operations, manufacturers, even the most reluctant organisations are left with little choice but to embrace digital transformations. One of the options open to such manufacturers to modernise their IT setup is cloud computing.

But what benefits does it exactly offer?

Simply put, cloud refers to a network of servers used for data storage, management and processing. These networks, which can be accessed via internet, can be hosted in-house for use by a company or a third party that provides services for several companies.
If the networks are being hosted by a company, it is known as private cloud whereas if it is hosted by a third party that provides services for several companies, it is known as public cloud.


Using these, organisations can outsource about every aspect of their IT setup to cloud computing companies, from renting servers and virtual machines in datacentres to having software vendors take care of all hosting, maintenance and update tasks.

Generally, manufacturing companies struggle with outdated IT infrastructure. This is one of the many areas where cloud computing can be of use. Cloud-based systems are faster to roll-out than traditional systems, making it easier for companies to keep up with developments, customise and scale.

Powerful Resources

Today, manufacturers need not limit themselves to tech they can, manage in-house. For any kind of challenge, there is cloud-based solution available:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) grants users access to virtual computing resources such as servers and storage.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) delivers resources typically needed for software development, such as hardware and applications.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) provides access to software which is hosted, managed and maintained by the third-party cloud specialist.

Everything from software to raw processing power can be rolled out with unprecedented speed. The cloud democratises advanced IT hardware and software, bringing it within reach for manufacturers and other organisations that simply wouldn’t have access otherwise.

Save Money

Setting up and maintaining an excellent IT infrastructure requires a lot of resources, from powerful servers and numerous licences to skilled staff to keep everything running smoothly — and those certainly aren’t cheap. Luckily, the cloud makes them more affordable with pay-as-you-use model. Cloud-based manufacturing solutions can reduce the costs relating to IT infrastructure, maintenance and lifecycle.

This revenue can then be attributed to the ability to acquire new customers, improved time to market, and risk mitigation, for instance. These companies also achieved cost reductions due to improved IT organisational agility and business process improvements, all thanks to cloud computing.

Cloud-Based ERP System

Cloud computing can be utilised for your most important system: ERP. These solutions offer all the benefits that are expected from an ERP suite, combined with the power of their cloud computing platform and services.

  • Quick access to data from any location.
  • Ability to manage financials, field services, sales, operations and more in one platform.
  • Use of the global network of data centres.
  • Easy management of the many steps and unique mechanisms needed to capture volumes of data.
  • And, last but not least, access to powerful integrated solutions such e-commerce platform, available for both Financials and Operations.